Thursday, February 8, 2018

"Snow On Cemetery Stones"

A Brief Reflection

     It has been several months since I have written: holidays, a short bought with illness, lack of motivation?  Today, I wandered over to the Grand Trunk Cemetery to take some winter shots of the cemetery after yesterday's storm.  As I trudged across the soccer field,  I thought 'I need to visit this place for inspiration; to remember why I started this blog in the first place.'   While I have been accumulating lots of pieces of research, I'm not quite ready to share.  So, for today, I'll share this little poem I found  written by a teenager, and some pictures of the cemetery in the snow.

 I watch as nature masks herself in
flakes of snow that leap, from heights.
 They fall in endless tandem
Hiding her veiled cruelty.

In winter's months when all is bare,
No flowers to distract the eyes,
We see the gravestones wearing away
And the remainder of unfinished good-

We see Natures's curse and her destruction
In the words once legible.
"Will" who preferred 'William'
Is now 'Wil' with one 'L' left alive.

And what of the rest of us
Who walk the world still.
Will she shroud our names in
supposed beauty,
And leave all that we are
To become all that we once were.


     The cemetery is a lovely place to visit for a walk or just  for quiet reflection, especially on a brisk, and sunny winter morning.