Monday, May 18, 2015



     The day was perfect.  The sun was shining and the temperature was warm and welcoming.  About thirty of us gathered to rake and pick up fallen branches, weed the gardens and plant donated perennials and pansies.  The tradition begun five years ago, was carried on by Portland Girl Scouts, their Leaders and parents and faithful Friends of the Grand Trunk Cemetery.  

     Although this ancient cemetery is not like so many here in the state of Maine,  where there still remain well worn, but in tact memorials bespeaking a history of those long gone; this is not the case here.  Anyone lucky enough to find and visit the East Deering/Grand Trunk Cemetery will be impressed with how few of the 197 burials are marked by mere stumps of stones, save for 7 original survivors.  

     However, in the last five years, thanks to those courageous and committed young women, Samantha Allshouse (who by the way, just graduated with honors from the University of Maine, Farmngton with her teaching degree! Congratulations Sam!) and Kayla Theriault (mother of two beautiful children), we can boast of The Grand Trunk Veterans Memorial with eight government issued stones honoring men who served in the Revolution and the War of 1812, and also bearing a stone honoring Civil War veteran, James Mosley.  We can also be proud that last fall we were able to dedicate a memorial honoring all 197 of the early settlers of East Deering Village.

  So days like, Sunday, are important because they allow us to honor, in some small way, people who came before us and on whose shoulders we stand to build our own histories and share their stories.
I found this poem which seemed appropriate,
  Here then, are some photos to share of the day.  Please stop by for a quite moment of peace and reflection.
Emma Brackett and her Mom Beth.  Emma and two of her other Girl Scout sisters followed the legacy by designing their own Bronze award project for the beautification of the Grand Trunk Cemetery last Spring.

Ben and Norma Sawyer with Lynda Allshouse at Zoe's Bench.

Emma Brackett, Ella Pillsbury and Megan Cunningham 's Perennial Gardens 

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Ella with her Grandma

Janet Christopher turns the soil.

Ben Sawyer, Anthony Sawyer's descendant.

     A ceremony with the laying of flags for our Veterans completes the day with the singing of three verses of 'Taps.'

Two new markers have been placed to honor Simon Davis, Revolutionary War
 and Francis Smith, War of 1812

I received an unexpected gift and my 35th year Membership pin as a Girl Scout member.

  The cemetery is ready for Memorial Day!

     Thank you to all of the wonderful Girl Scouts, their Leaders and parents and the faithful Friends of the Grand Trunk Cemetery for your service to the Grand Trunk Cemetery and the city of Portland.