Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Patriots Day 2015

Patriots Day

    Although we celebrated the holiday, yesterday, I could not let the week go by without raising to memory those veterans of the Revolutionary War interred at the East Deering/Grand Trunk Cemetery.  The holiday, once a solemn occasion, has lost some of its poignancy until the events of two years ago.

  However, I was reminded of how significant this day is when I realized that another state, besides Massachusetts and Maine, Wisconsin,  appropriately remembers the patriots who participated in the war for our independence as a nation.  I found this quote rather appropriate to share:

          "The American Revolution was brought about by many men
             and women working together in a common cause.  History
             remembers the great and near great, the Washington's, the
             Franklin's, and the Jefferson's.  History also records the stories
             of those who are made to play the villains, the Hutchinson's,
             the Arnold's, and the Butler's; what history does not often reveal
             are the stories of the ordinary people who brought, by hard labor
             and great personal sacrifice, this nation into being.  The real hero
             of the American Revolution is the common soldier; had he not
             been convinced of the rightness of the cause for which his leaders
             asked him to fight, the Revolution would never have succeeded."

             R.C. Carroon    Wisconsin Society Sons of the American Revolution

     Recently, this plaque was dedicated

     And so, we raise to memory:
     Lieut. Crispus Graves, Private Simon Davis, Massachusetts Militiaman, John Sawyer, Jr., and Private Joseph Lunt.  We remember and we are grateful for their service to our city of Portland, out state of Maine and to our nation.