Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dedication Highlights

On A Personal Note

     When planning this event, I invited three, noted Portland Historians, William David Barry, Matt Jude Barker and Herb Adams,  to speak and to share their historical perspective pertaining to the East Deering Village and the 'residents' of the Grand Trunk Cemetery.  Fortunately, all three excepted.  Unfortunately, Matthew Jude Barker was unable to participate due to a physical ailment.   However, Matt has agreed to share his thoughts which I will publish at a later date. 

     The first of the series was given by William D. Barry and he has given permission to publish the talk which I enjoyed,  and I know that readers of this blog will appreciate.

William David Barry

Is an historian, writer, exhibition organizer, and journalist, a Mainer by choice since the early 1970's, William has been on the staff of the Portland Museum of Art, the Portland Public Library, and the Maine Historical Society.  Bill Barry has authored and co-authored seven books.  His latest books include:  Deering:  A Social and Architectural History with Patricia Anderson and Maine:  The Wilder Half of New England.

A Historical Perspective

Many thanks to Bill Barry.  I hope followers of this blog enjoy reading his words as much as those of us who participated in the Dedication did hearing his talk.  More to come!

Upcoming Event

     Our fourth annual Fall Planting party will take place at the Grand Trunk Cemetery on , October 19th.  We would love to see many of you who live in the area next Sunday.  Our work to continue to add beauty to this lovely historical cemetery is on-going.