Monday, August 25, 2014


To all the faithful followers of this blog and:

     We are delighted that after nearly five years, we are able to honor those first citizens, men and women who came to Maine, a colony within the colony of Massachusetts Bay Colony, and settled in the area which would become East Deering Village.  Most established farms to support their families. Some were mariners, some tradesmen, all came to this new land to establish a home and to begin a life that was anything but easy.  Over the course of their lives, they experienced hostilities, a difficult landscape,subjugation, wars,isolation, and finally, independence and freedom.

     The Presumpscot/East Deering/Grand Trunk Cemetery is the final resting place for these early settlers; 197 were buried here from about 1740 to 1894.  Although, to date,only forty-seven names survived of those interred, we will honor the memory of all those whose lives contributed to the growth of the neighborhood of East Deering and are integral to the growth and fabric of the city of Portland and our state of Maine.

     We hope that living relatives of the 'residents' of the Grand Trunk Cemetery who are able, will attend the ceremony.  You may wish to acquaint yourselves with 'Who's Buried At The Grand Trunk Cemetery' by checking out the post titled the same.  Please pass on the invitation to your family and friends.   More to follow later.