Saturday, June 28, 2014


     It's been a month since I have posted anything new,  and I feel the need to make sure that those of you who have so kindly taken an interest in reading this blog know that I haven't died and gone to heaven, or elsewhere.  As I have said before, when I took on this project, I had no idea where it would lead me or how long a process this  historical detecting takes.  

     Jane Noyes Lunt and her husband, Joseph Lunt, both interred in our Grand Trunk Cemetery, are the subjects of my quest at the moment.  They are tied to the history of the cemetery and to the area of East Deering known as 'Lunt's Corner'.  They are also connected to Irish School Master, Timothy Galvin.  Once again, I am indebted to Theodore Sawyer and his work, 'Back Cove to Quaker Lane' for insight and clarity.  

     I've discovered another wonderful resource and, I encourage readers to find and read the book Deering, written by William David Barry and Patricia McGraw Anderson published in 2010.  I have borrowed this gem from Portland Libraries,, at least three times.  I've discovered it serves to aid me in visualizing the early days of Portland  as a backdrop to writing about the souls whose final resting place is the GTC.  I need to buy the book without delay!

      Yesterday, while doing some searching at the Maine Historical Society library, I was introduced to William Barry, the author.  A wonderful happening!  He was most encouraging about our continued work to keep the remnant of the GTC alive. Bill Barry was very gracious and, he was most helpful  in my search for information about Lunt's Corner.  I remember, when my husband and I first moved to Portland in 1977 that there was a sign on the corner of Morse Street that read:  'Lunt's Corner'.  Unfortunately, that sign is gone today.

     I did find this photo of the Lunt house:

The photo is from a glass negative which was split,  accounting for the dark line
in the picture.
 The photo was taken by LB Chapman around 1878.
    I'm hoping to put the story of Jane and Joseph Lunt together in the next two weeks.  If any of you have stories or information that you'd like to pass on about the Lunt's, the Noyes family or Lunt's Corner, please contact me by leaving a comment on the blog or by e mail: or

     Hope you all have a great 4th of July Celebration with your family and friends!