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This legend is but a partial record of the grave sites, listing only 42 names.  However, there is evidence from previous research of 104 burials. There are tales of indigent travelers who died on the train from the northern regions who were left and buried in this cemetery. Old maps also refer to a burial mound.



Joseph Lunt
B. April 3, 1757
D.  September 15, 1804, Aet. 47 years
 Jane Lunt
Wife of Joseph
B. c 1754
D.  September 12, 1834, Aet. 80 years
Francis Smith
B. c 1791
D. June 4, 1840, Aet. 49 years
Simon Davis
B. September 2, 1765 
D. March 17, 1810, Aet. 44 years
 Susanna Barton Sawyer
Wife of Capt. Thomas Sawyer
B. c 1765
D. February 6, 1805, Aet. 40 years
Thomas Sawyer, Jr.
Son of Capt. Thomas and Susannah Sawyer
B. December 15, 1785.  

D. April 24, 1807, Aet. 22 years
Anthony Sawyer
French and Indian Wars: served as guard to Governor of the Colony.
B. January 21, 1735
D. June 21, 1804, Aet. 69 years
Brackett Sawyer
B. March 19, 1775
D. April 21, 1851, Aet. 76 years
Elizabeth Webb  Sawyer
Wife of Brackett
B. September 3, 1782
D. September 21, 1864, Aet. 82 years
William Sawyer
Son of Anthony
War of 1812:  Col. Martin Nichol’s Reg’t. Mass. Militia,
D. May 14, 1825, Aet. 62 years
Tabitha Graves Sawyer
Wife of William
B. December 11, 1768
D. December 6, 1857, Aet. 89 years
Crispus Sawyer
Son of William
B. March 28, 1804
D. August 24, 1873, Aet. 69 years
John Sawyer, Jr.
Son of Anthony
War of 1812:  Col. Hobbs’ Reg’t. Mass. Militia.
B. November 18, 1760
D. December 6, 1842, Aet. 82 years
Abigail Graves Sawyer
Wife of John
B. August 13, 1765
D. March 10, 1848, Aet. 82 years
Joseph M. Sawyer
Son of William
War of 1812:  Col. Hobbs’ Reg’t. Mass. Militia.
B. August 1795
D. June 1, 1875, Aet. 79 years
Dorcas  Whittam  Sawyer
Wife of Joseph M.
B. c 1801
D. December 15, 1856, Aet. 55 years
 Joseph M. Sawyer, Jr.
Son of Joseph M. & Dorcas
B. October 10, 1832
D. September 27, 1835, Aet. 2 years
Silas Boothby
B. February 14, 1814. 

D. November 22, 1867, Aet. 53 years
Frances I. Boothby
Wife of Silas
B. March 23, 1815. 

D. September 20, 1893, Aet. 78 years
Eva Ella Boothby
Daughter of Silas & Frances
B. October 17, 1849
D. January 9, 1852, Aet. 2 years, 3 months
Section II Row 2
Susannah Merrill Graves
Wife of Lieut. Crispus Graves
B. c 1745
D. December 4, 1793, Aet. 48 years
Crispus Graves
Revolutionary War: Lieut. 12th Reg’t.  Massachusetts Continental Line
B. c 1742
D. March 14, 1818, Aet. 76 years
Joseph Merrill
War of 1812: Portland Rifle Corp
B. c 1754
D. April 8, 1823, Aet. 69 years
Jonas Johnson
B. c 1782
D. December 2, 1837, Aet. 55 years
 Samuel Blake
War of 1812: Hobbs’ Reg’t. Mass. Militia
B. c 1794
D. February 14, 1846, Aet. 52 years
 Emeline Blake
Daughter of Samuel & Martha
B. c 1828
D. May 15, 1847, Aet. 19 years
John G. Blake
Son of Samuel & Martha
B. c 1824
D. September 25, 1827, Aet. 3 years
Lucy Blake
Wife of William Blake
B. c 1769
D. May 26, 1807, Aet. 38 years
Sarah Blake
Wife of William Blake
B. c 1776
D. June 18, 1843, Aet. 67 years
Crispus Graves
Son of Andrew & Tabitha
B. c 1816
D. March 15, 1879, Aet. 63 years
 Agnes Wilcox
Wife of George
B. c 1820
D. April 2, 1864, Aet. 44 years
John Barbour
B. October 12, 1801
D. August 27, 1869, Aet. 67 years
Mary A. Barbour
Daughter of John
B. c 1828
D. October 7, 1855, Aet. 27 years

Frances Jane Barbour
Daughter of George and Emma Barbour
B. c 1831
D. July 4, 1846, Aet. 15 years
Nancy Morrill/Merrill
B. c 1801
D. March 25, 1824, Aet.  23 years
 Andrew Graves
Son of Crispus & Susannah
War of 1812: Hobbs’ Reg’t. Mass. Militia
B. c 1774
D. November 28, 1860, Aet.  86 years
Tabitha Cutter Graves
Wife of Andrew
B. c 1782
D. September 7, 1849, Aet.  67 years
James Mosley
Civil War:  2ND Reg’t. Rhode Island Inf. Co.D
B. c 1836
D. December 9, 1892, Aet. 56 years
 Ann Mosley
B. c 1799
D. February 24, 1856, Aet. 57 years
 Timothy Galvin
B. February 2, 1776 in County Claire, Ireland
D. January 21, 1838, Aet. 62 years
 Harriett Galvin
Daughter of Timothy& Joanna Ilsley Galvin
B. c 1800
D. September 21, 1805, Aet. 5 years
 Warren Small
Son of James & Lydia Small
B. c 1804
D. March 1, 1824, Aet. 20 years


 In the process of researching those buried at the GTC,  I have found four people confirmed by existing death records. However, since the majority of records held in the state archives were compiled from information taken from tombstones; whole or partial, there often are differences in the recorded dates. 

Benjamin Sawyer

Son of Zebulon Sawyer and Rebecca Ford Sawyer

Brother of Elizabeth Ann Sawyer Frank

B. c. 1805
D. August 22, 1878, Aet. 73 years

Elizabeth Ann (Sawyer) Frank

Wife of Isaiah Frank

B. c. 1820
D. March 14, 1890, Aet. 70 years

Isaiah L. Frank

Husband of Elizabeth Ann (Sawyer)

B. December 18, 1809
D. May 27, 1894, Aet.  84 years, 5 months

William Blake

Husband of Lucy (       )Blake

Husband of Sarah (      )Blake

B. c. 1774
D.  June 1853  Aet. 79 years

(The date of death is questionable)

Joanna Illsley Galvin

Wife of Timothy

B. February 14, 1769
D. April 4, 1840, Aet. 70 years

(There is some question regarding whether Joanna was buried beside her husband; we hope to verify this.)

Over the next few months,  I hope to contribute whatever  information can be found about these people.  Remember, these are but forty-two names of possibly 104 individuals.  As we continue to cleanup around the stumps of stones, we also make small discoveries.

Here are a few we recently discovered. 

The first stone came as quite a surprise since it still bears a partial inscription..Received an e mail from Mike Sawyer, family genealogist who indicated it may be the gravestone for Harriett Galvin, daughter of Timothy and Joanna Ilsley Galvin.  Harriett died aet. 5 years and 2 months.  The inscription recorded in Cobb's book of 1857 reads:  'Of such is the kingdom of heaven.'

The second stone turns out to be the stone footing for a marble memorial.  It had been turned upside down and when we looked closely, we found the remnant of the marble stone.

More and more, I have come to appreciate the little discoveries we have been able to make because two young women took on this project.

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